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If you're frustrated with how you look and feel, then you're about to discover what it means to 'embody health' and feel confident, sexy and energetic without spending hours at the gym.

Josh Head Shot 1Welcome to Embody Health!

Your health, the way you feel when you look in the mirror and the frustration of not being able to look and feel your best may be something you constantly think about (maybe even worry about) almost every day.  Does this sound familiar?

You’re not alone!

The only difference between you and the clients I see every day is that they took the next step to DO something about it…and you can, too!

You’re probably wondering what the secret formula is that helps my clients “embody health” and feel better than they ever have.  Well, it requires a healthy lifestyle change that stays with you your entire life.  This may sound really simple, but that’s because it really is.

It’s amazing how many people know this deep down, but they don’t take a moment of discomfort for a lifetime of healthy, pain free living.

Through my fitness programs, personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching and motivational community of members (your new workout buddies), you’ll experience firsthand what it means to embody health and feel confident and sexy when you look in the mirror.  You’ll feel more energetic and alive and not have to worry about your health any more.

I invite you to explore further and read my blog and the success stories from others (just like you!) who decided take charge of their life and embody health.  I’m always here to help, so feel free to contact me directly as well.

-Josh Cooper

Going to Embody Health’s boot camp classes has been the best decision I ever made, I couldn’t lose the weight I wanted by myself, at the gym or outside running; but after coming to boot camp I just kept getting smaller and smaller and finally I have the body I’ve always wanted and its all thanks to josh and his efficient classes.


At first I was skeptical at my ability to do the workouts because of my age and weight. After a few weeks, I really started to notice the pounds disappear and the workouts started to become more fun while still focusing on challenging me. I thought I would dread the workouts but really look forward to them now.


Over the years I have gone to several different personal trainers who only concentrated on exercise. Exercise alone was not the answer getting to healthy weight. Around April of 2012 I started going to Boot Camp classes at Embody Health and then participated in their Lean by Halloween Challenge. I was challenged not only to exercise but also make healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle. Today, I feel better, have more energy to do the things I enjoy, and just ran my first half-marathon of my life.


I’ve never done circuit training before, and I absolutely love it. It’s hard and exhilarating and it’s over quick so you can get back to work. Not only have I lost 15 pounds – I feel strong and light on my feet – similar to how I felt after trekking in Nepal for 22 days. I can’t recommend this program enough. Thanks Embody Health!


After having a baby I have really struggled to lose the weight I gained. I started going to boot camps and more recently started one on one training at Embody Health. After 6 weeks I have noticed how much stronger I am and I have lost 2 percent body fat. The one on one training is great because the workouts are customized and he pushes me to reach my maximum effort! (I can do those push ups now!) Embody Health has also helped me with my nutrition with a customized plan, including a food list to help me make wise choices. Thanks guys! I know with your help I will get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, only stronger!



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